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Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook 4th ed Meherwan P Boyce Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann 2012 pdf 21y 20 MB 12 0
Piping Engineering Leadership for Process Plant Projects James O Pennock Butterworth Heinemann 2001 pdf 17y 1 MB 3 0
Rotary Kilns Transport Phenomena and Transport Processes Akwasi A Boateng Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann 2008 pdf 21y 5 MB 0 3
Estimator's Piping Man Hour Manual 5th ed John S Page Butterworth Heinemann 1999 pdf 17y 13 MB 2 0
Bioreactor Design Fundamentals Norton G McDuffie Butterworth Heinemann 1991 pdf 17y 8 MB 0 2
Industrial and Process Furnaces 2nd ed Barrie Jenkins Peter Mullinger Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann 2014 pdf 21y 39 MB 1 0
Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook Butterworth Heinemann 2014 pdf 29y 29 MB 1 0
Corrosion 3rd ed Vol 1 Metal Environment Reactions Butterworth Heinemann pdf 24y 33 MB 0 0
Advanced Control Engineering Roland S Burns Butterworth Heinemann 2001 pdf 21y 3 MB 0 0
Genetics and Biochemistry of Antibiotic Production Leo C Vining and Colin Stuttard Butterworth Heinemann 1995 pdf 22y 41 MB 0 0
Practical Aviation Security Second Edition Predicting and Preventing Future Threats Butterworth Heinemann Homeland Security 2nd Edition pdf 14y 6 MB 0 0
Modeling and Simulation of Mineral Processing Systems R P King Butterworth Heinemann 2001 pdf 20y 5 MB 0 0
Surface Production Operations 2nd ed Vol 1 Design of oil handling systems and facilities Butterworth Heinemann 1999 pdf 25y 12 MB 0 0
Reservoir Engineering Handbook 2nd Ed Tarek Ahmed Butterworth Heinemann 2001 pdf 25y 10 MB 0 0
Non Newtonian Flow in the Process Industries Fundamentals and Engineering Applications Butterworth Heinemann 1999 pdf 23y 5 MB 0 0
Pipe Drafting and Design 2nd ed Roy A Parisher Robert A Rhea Butterworth Heinemann 2002 pdf 17y 27 MB 0 0

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